Who we are 

GTC International is a leading company specialized in the sourcing and supplying raw materials and essential goods such as of Agro-Commodities, Plastic raw materials, Paper, Steel, Metals and Pharmaceuticals and multifarious fields.

Founders of the company have worked for over 20 years with leading manufacturers, and have acquired a broad knowledge in the field.

The company’s success rests in its ability to create strong partnerships, elaborate new distribution channels and practice the expertise in handling the most complicated trading policies applied by various countries.

The company's extensive network and wide-ranging activities give our company the ability to gather the most timely and accurate market information, vital to sustained growth.

Flexible in many ways, our business tactics enable us to ensure safe transactions between our clients and suppliers. Mainly dealing in the Europe, Asia, South East Asia, The Middle East, South America and CIS countries, our team of devoted traders is ready and happy to fulfill all clients’ requirements.

GTC International with respect to Iran's economical potentials, many of liable brands in the world are inclined to enter Iran's market and choose a good business partner in the country, due to this fact, our company is the formal agent of many investment agents in Iran, it can attract many international brands by means of partnership with inside businesses in the industry.

GTC International is an organization with a difference, not so large as to forget that every order demands personal attention, yet just enough to have the strong credibility necessary to provide customers with material from the whole world.

Our Perspective

This company is strongly endeavoring to be a well-diversified one. We strive to be the most competent company in every business we do. We achieve this by offering our customers the best services and top quality products without compromising on our integrity.

Creating value customers through management based on esteem for human dignity. Our business activities have been guided by ideas of reliability, quality and best service. Our customers are the backbone of our company and their satisfaction is the key to our success.

GTC International guided by our management philosophy of "Solution Partner in Your Needs ", we endeavor to provide higher values for our customers all over the world.


Our Main Activity

Our main activity is importing raw materials, which are required for the plastic industry and essential grains, which are considered as most important needs.

In the field of grains services, our company offers various kinds of agricultural products. Currently we offer the following products such as grain milling wheat, feed wheat, feed barley, feed corn, sunflower oil, as well as yet many other grains and oilseeds.

In the field of Polymer service, our company offers raw industrial materials which are required for Plastic industry, factories such as; Packaging industry and Household product, water and Gas pipe, Insulation Board Construction industry and Food Packaging and more.


Our Services

  A brief description of GTC services stated as below, make us outstanding amongst the other competitors: 

  • Conducting various commercial services such as issuing Proforma Invoices for all kinds of goods and consulting about opening Letter of Credits, Custom Clearance, insurance of importing your required goods and etc.,
  • Establishing the close ties with raw material producing factories all around the world,
  • Cooperating with reliable commercial partners, which have widespread activation in East South Asian countries, South of Asia, Middle East as well as European countries,
  • Applying our flexible commercial techniques which make us assured from accomplishing the safe transactions with customers and suppliers,
  • Possessing the professional sales and marketing team with more than 20 year’s experience in international business,
  • Offering the best competitive prices and best terms of payment,
  • Removing the mediating parties in conveying the raw material to final consumers directly,
  • Managerial consultations based on valuable experiences of our managers who are able to provide necessary practical solutions for a wide variety of situations,
  • Offering the consultations and make cooperation with customers from A to Z point in the purchasing process.